Great Train Stations Poncol Imam Bonjol Semarang

Station Poncol 2009

Station Poncol Nows
This station is one of the legacy work of Henry Maclaine Pont, a Dutch architect who many of the world acting on Indonesian architecture. some details of a unique building element is shown by the designers try, for example on a wooden pole in front. The building has architectural integrity that lead to international quality, in accordance with his time and established a type of building perangkutan in the modern era. Integrity continuity of function as a railway station is still well preserved. Building linkages with the history of railways in Semarang and prominent architect Maclaine Pont as a lot of merit in architectural highlight Nusantara bagunan added significance for the station. In accordance with the setting, this building has a large role in forming the region as the point of capture when seen from Jl. Bonjol priests. As one of the buildings that represent the work of Pont a little in the archipelago, Poncol Station building with sustainability is a function of station buildings can still be seen today.

Address: Jl Imam Bonjol 115 Semarang 
Phone Number: 024 354 4496 355 6985, 358 5092 
Fax number: 358 6587

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