A magnificent building stands apart from other buildings in the northern area of Semarang's Old City. Shape is similar buildings with similar functions, as a destination and transit trains. Elongated main building flanked by buildings on either side. Different from the main building, typical of buildings built during the reign of the Dutch East Indies.
Semarang Tawang station name. High buildings with pillars and solid walls forming the ambience. The top of the dome-shaped roof which indicates that the architectural style. Dominate the curved and rectangular shapes ornament the building. Canopy at the entrance give the impression of this station exclusively.
"The letter from the directors of the NIS (Nederlandsch Indische Spoorweg) in the Netherlands on the NIS director in Indonesia, expects construction of a functional station. For the station building, should not be ugly, but not necessarily grandiose," said Cahyono, lover of Indonesian railways, Thursday (8 / 12).
On 29 April 1911, NIS began to realize the results of this Blauwboer draft-Sloth. Three years later, the station was ready to operate. Joint Station West Semarang (Poncol) and Central Station (Jurnatan), prepared to welcome the Tawang Station Koloniale tentoon stelling. Tawang station into a visitor door. Not surprisingly, the lobby shows elegance. White color cover almost all the inner walls. Brown color of copper into penghiasnya, whether buildings or other decoration ornaments. Stone sculpture depicts two series of train cab and the four sides adorned the walls. While the center line of the roof space lit by four light dome decorated with a matching color. Elongated glass windows around the top of the building, including under the dome, adding lighting.
According to Chief of Station Tawang, Purwanto, form the main building is currently not changed much, although there are additions and renovations, including floor elevation. Exaltation performed twice in the 1990s. Section, the sea water runoff (rob) that threatens the region north of the city of Semarang started to go into the station area. Almost 1.5 meters tall buildings is reduced because backfill. As a result, some parts had to be adjusted, for example, a high reduction in the door.
Building the station was still well maintained. Function of the building is still preserved as a railway station. Moreover, the volume of passengers per year at this station reaches more than 600,000 people. However, few people are aware that ditapaki stations are historic buildings. 

(Published in Kompas Central Java Edition, December 9, 2005)


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